Werbezentrum Heinikel GmbH

Werbezentrum Heinikel GmbH

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Decoration, Sport Products, Plastics and Products, Machinery for plastics, Books, Electronic Books, Films, Laser, Advertisement Agents, Digital Print, Decorating Design, Gas Services, Machining, Cleaning mats, Plexiglass, Laser cutting

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Werbezentrum Heinikel GmbH





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Werbezentrum Heinikel GmbH
Erlenstrasse 36
D-9 04


Plexiglass panes

Plexiglass panes of PLEXIGLAS are supplied by Zenit as extruded and cast, with a smooth, structured and sandblasted surface; transparent, opal and coloured. Plexiglass panes of a thickness from 2 to 250 mm. The use of plexiglass in exteriors and interiors, it does not get older, yellow or becomes tender.

Plexiglass sale

Plexiglass - the sale in the Czech and Slovak Republics is ensured by Zenit. Sale of PLEXIGLAS in a transparent and coloured design, glossy, structured and sanded surface of panes, thickness from 2 to 250 mm. Plexiglass panes, tubes, rods, prisms, plexiglass adhesives.

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